Monday, September 20, 2010

Social Networking Business Plan Review

The Social Networking Business Plan with Onefineham is a highly focused compact marketing strategy eBook written by Barry Livingstone. The book reveals an automation strategy revolving around using social networks to quickly get marketing messages out to clients, fans, and other curious viewers.

An Automated Social Network Marketing Strategy

The central principal of the strategy is to write one message, and use built in automation tools to syndicate that message - posting links to the original message (with short summaries / teasers) on the major social networks. How this method differs from other strategies of a similar nature is that after the initial setup of the network messaging chain all of the linking and syndication happens AUTOMATICALLY without further intervention on the part of the marketer / businessman / manager or entrepreneur.

How The Social Networking Business Plan Works

After the initial setup of all the specialized, targeted social networking accounts (takes 4-6 hours to setup initially - so plan accordingly). the plan calls for writing short, informative publicity pieces (with links out to sales/squeeze pages and or ticket pages) and then posting them to the foundation account (where all the links to the social networks go out from). From there the foundation account notifies all the major social networking services which then create backlinks TO those simple press releases. Presumably readers then have a chance to get quick facts about the offer(s) in the press release whereupon they can then click out to sales pages / squeeze pages or ticket pages.
One particular strength of the plan is that ALL of the services used in The Social Networking Business Plan are FREE. At no time does a user of the methods in the book have a single penny of cost outlay.

Weaknesses of The Social Networking Business Plan

One area where The Social Networking Business Plan with Onefineham is weak is in generating traffic and followers. Presumably the reader is left on their own to develop methods to create followers and drive traffic to their sites.... or the expectation is that readers ALREADY have had some success creating lists and driving traffic and instead are looking for simple ways to save time in getting traffic to their publicity pieces.


There is a lot to be learned from reading The Social Networking Business Plan. It informs the reader not only of free services available, but how to integrate them into an efficient and coherent media content distribution engine. The Social Networking Business Plan is both elegant in design and provides terrific visual depictions of what is being asked of the reader. A reader is SHOWN what they SHOULD see on the screen, and then is TOLD exactly what to DO while at that screen.

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